Hedgehogs are very active animals that need a play time for relaxation and good health. It has been discovered that playtime is the second most essential time that comes after searching for food. To make sure that hedgehogs have maximum playtime, you should ensure that you provide an exercise wheel for the pets to play with. However, a play wheel is not enough. Making sure that the wheel does not injure the animal is the key factor. Therefore, wheels that are made up of mesh wire are not the most ideal for hedgehogs.


At times, you may consider designing your own hedgehog wheel if the ones in the market are way too expensive for you to acquire. Making a hedgehog wheel is very easy since the knowledge is required is too little and less technical. At some point, you can attach to a bucket a roller blade wheel and this takes minimum time possible as well as less know-how. A wheel that is made from these items has been considered good for use on other small animals that may require exercise wheels to play with. This article gives an insight into different hedgehog wheel that you can acquire or design and all the necessary information that you are required to know about hedgehog wheels.

If you do not have a hedgehog, you can have wire mesh or even plastics of hamsters or rats. However, if you do not have any of the above, you can follow the design protocols below that help you to come up with a classic hedgehog wheel. Most of the materials that are used to design a best hedgehog wheel are readily available which makes it affordable and easy to make. When designing a homemade hedgehog wheel, make sure that you have access to rollerblade and ball bearing. Also, ensure that you have access to a mouth bucket that is big enough for the hedgehog to run on. Collect carriage bolts, skateboard ball bearing or roller blades that have open holes around the bearing hole, a PVC three-way joint, PVC end caps, PVC elbow joints and a PVC pipe with a diameter that is not too thin or too thick.   You can find the ball bearing in the bearing hardware store as well as the carriage bolts. Make sure that the bolts that you acquire can easily fit the snugs. Moreover, the bolts and the nuts that are obtained from should not hinder spinning of the ball bearings and keep the bearings secure into the inward loop of the metal. You should also be in possession of mini zip ties, nuts and washers. If it is necessary, you can have a Dremmel tool but if there is another way in which you can cut a PVC pipe, it is also okay.

When you have all these materials assembled, the initial step is sliding into the screw and bolt the ball bearing and then screw them down to keep them secure. Then, do the same for the second nut. With the use of a rubber mallet, ensure that the roller blade has the ball bearing pounded onto it. Have a space between the PVC pipe and the wheel by screwing a nut onto it. The next step is making a stand. It is done by initially fitting PVC pipes into the assembled design. You can drill any number of holes that you want on the PVC for multiple heights depending on the nature and the size of the bucket used. The next step is attaching the wheel to the bucket by finding the necessary calibrations and the last step is attaching the wheel to the stand. If you consider buying wheels rather than designing your own, you can consider purchasing the ware manufacturing small pet exercise wheel, sungrow hamster spinner wheel, satisfied ultimate hamster flying saucer exercise wheel, PETACC hamster exercise wheel, OEM small exercise animal wheel, Kaytee silent spinner exercise wheel, Kaytee comfort exercise wheel, hamster wheel 8, FAREN comfort and exotic nutrition silent runner 12 exercise wheel.

It takes a lot to keep hedgehogs comfortable. One of the few things that you are supposed to consider is providing an exercise wheel for the hedgehog. However, you should not make use of wheels that can in any way injure the hedgehog both internally and externally. You can either consider designing your won wheel buying from the vet store. Make sure that you find the best wheel that fits the requirements of your pet.