Darkness and tragedy are aspects every human must endure. Unfortunately, some people have to face issues of mortality and heartbreak earlier than most. I was one of those people. I’ve lived through the murder of a loved one, the suicide of an aunt, an abusive upbringing, and the abandonment of the people closest to me, with no support structure. During those moments of grief and pain, what I needed most was someone to offer a shoulder, or the comfort of an embrace. The inspiration for The Wind Your Voice The Rain Your Tears was just that. It’s a story about needing another human being. I drew from many of my own experiences when writing the novel.

The characters and events in The Wind Your Voice The Rain Your Tears are related to my own life experiences. Vinny, the main character, is a somewhat dull man with no ambition for improving himself or trying new things. He’s a reflection of the period of my life that had been stagnant and going nowhere, even though it was safe and comfortable.

Tristan May is the second main character. His story reflects the depression and tragedy I’ve experienced in my life. Ultimately, he’s the driving force that finally helps Vinny move forward and become a better man.

twyvtrytThe Wind Your Voice The Rain Your Tears

Small town mechanic Vinny Shields doesn’t have much going for him. He has a girlfriend that seems to chase every man that crosses her path. His father and mother are consistently unimpressed with his lifestyle. And his younger brother just dropped a bombshell that will change the dynamic of his family.

Vinny then meets the flamboyant gas station attendant, Tristan May, and learns more about what it means to love and be loved.

About M.E. Sanford

M.E. SanfordA life long writer and storyteller, M.E. Sanford has always pursued creative careers. One of his passions is writing novels and short stories.

Just recently, he made a major move cross country to pursue a dream that includes publishing the stories he’s been working on the past several years. An entertainer at heart, M.E. follows the pull of his ambitions and continues to turn his experiences into touching works of literature. If just one person is touched by his stories, he considers himself a success.

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