Even ferrets require a comfortable place to spend their time on as they either relax or sleep. Having a comfortable bedding ensures that your ferret is comfortable and ready for the next day. Ferret beddings can either be yikes, straw wood pellet or even a paper-based bedding. There are those beddings that are good for the ferret and some which should not be used. However, if you have been researching about best bedding for ferrets, worry no more because we are here to help you.

bedding for Ferrets

Why Should You Have A Ferret Bedding?

Ferrets in pet stores are always put on some specific material that is mostly never used by experienced ferret owners. This is because a bedding for the ferrets makes laundry easier than general ferret laundry. Most of the ferret stores are not equipped with washing machines. Laundry for ferret bedding might not be easy in such a case hence they tend to avoid the bedding materials. It is somewhat disgusting to be new in a ferret store due to the laundry involved but you will get used to it with time. However, for ferret owners, they have a way out since they can afford to use washing machines and escape all the mess.

New ferret owners always get attracted to the beddings being used on ferrets in the ferret store. Most of these beddings are displayed alongside the pets which makes the new buyers to even seek advice on the best bedding to acquire. They believe that with such beddings, their life at home with their pet will be very easy. Experienced owners, on the other hand, know that ferrets are latrinal animals that tend to use a specific spot as their bathroom over and over again. This makes it good for the ferret owners since they can easily train the ferrets on how to use litter boxes. We are not saying that ferrets are 100% perfect when it comes to the use of the litter box when outside the cage. However, they very well use their litter box when in the cage. This makes it easier to introduce a litter box rather than having the whole cage floor covered with a bedding material.

Which Bedding Is Good For Your Ferret?

You can cover the remaining part of the floor with snooze tubes, sleep sacks, or even a cloth bedding. Such items will create a surface for the ferret to walk on especially if the cage is made up if wires. Floors that are made up of wires are not very comfortable hence covering it with a cloth bedding increases the comfort of your ferret. The advantage of a cloth ferret is that it has the capability to absorb the ferret’s odour produced by the oil on the ferret’s skin. These oil help in giving the ferret their ferret smell. If you engage in frequent washing of the bedding, it can help in reducing the ferret’s smell to an unnoticeable level.

There also exists various commercially available beddings in the market. If you choose to purchase one, you should make sure that the bedding has not been constructed using foam or cedar materials like those in a number of dog beddings. You can always create your own ferret bedding through sewing materials together. This allows easy construction and fitting into the cage since you will make use of materials of your choice and use the measurements of your cage. You can also do some colour coordination in order to provide your ferret with the right bedding and make it comfortable. If the ferret chews cloth materials, you should avoid using such a bedding and make use of paper bedding. This should only be provided if the ferret is of such a destructive nature. If your pet gets used to this type of destructive behaviour, it tends to have its teeth wear off which is not healthy. At times, chewing clothes may lead to blockage of the digestive system which calls for emergency service to conduct a surgery on the animal in order to save its life. It might not be a common thing but ferret owners should always be aware of it.


Ferrets require to be comfy in their area of residence in order to keep them healthy. This can be done by providing them with the correct bedding material. Such a bedding may be a cloth bedding, paper bedding or even tree shavings. However, you should always avoid the shavings from cedar and pine. Cloth bedding is good because it helps in reducing the ferret odour. You can also get a good ferret bedding from the pet store. Make your ferret happy by providing it with the correct bedding.